Web Database Design

This program, which administrators of our partner universities have been repeatedly and urgently requesting, promises to provide relief from the challenge of gathering, managing and disseminating information on their campuses.

Web Database DesignOur three-year, multi-level workshop incorporates hands-on training, distance learning, and computer-based training.

We bring together administrators and technicians to learn how digital databases can manage common campus tasks, including:

  • Academic transcripts
  • Campus directory
  • Housing assignments
  • ID card manufacture
  • Library asset management
  • Personnel and payroll
  • Results processing
  • Student financial accounting
  • Student registration
  • And more!

University administrators engage in high-level discussions to fortify institutional enthusiasm, savvy and network participation. Meanwhile, database programmers learn how to make and maintain these web database systems.

The goal is to build managing partnerships among staff and institutions.

For more information, e-mail info@widernet.org or give us a call at 919-240-4622.