Type: Curriculum

This portal covers many topics of managing a non-governmental organization (NGO) or non-profit group including grant writing, staff training, and designing and monitoring projects.
  • Building Rural Livelihood
    • This workbook is designed to help community foundations, private, corporate and family ones, to form a more effective community economic development efforts for people in rural communities. The topics covered are motivation, where will you work, who are you working for, partnership, timeline of projects, resources, and why do the projects matter.
  • Kwazulu-Natal Training Materials for Women Managers
    • This course contains a .zip file full of information about being an effective manager. Skills covered include: assertiveness, effective communication, self-management, leadership, team bulding, conflict management, strategic planning, writing & presentation, interviewing, and conducting meetings.
  • Learning About Small Businesses
    • This course contains instructional material on what you should know about starting and running a small business, including skills and information and communication technology. This is a .zip file that you will need to download.
  • Non-profit Guides
    • Grant-writing tools for nonprofit organizations.
  • Starting Your Own Business
    • This is a self-study guide for starting your own business, entrepreneuership, management, creating partnerships, economic factors, supply & demand, funding, and creating business plans. It contains assignments for studying, self-quizzes, and is framed as a course.
  • Tourism
    • This course is designed to introduce you to working with tourists & tourism, communicative effectively with them, and promote your business and culture.
  • Writing Skills for Business English
    • This is a .zip file that contains several modules for learning professional, business English. Areas included are basic grammar, putting grammar to use, creating short writing, and applying English skills to special projects. This course is designed with non-governmental organizations in mind but can apply to anyone.