Type: Handout

DPOs and Disability-Oriented Organizations, Schools, and Agencies
  • Adithya Education Academy
    • A community-based development agency, Adithya Education Academy is located in India and works with children with special needs, empowers women, trains & supports other local NGOs. Their aims include educating individuals to make them better equipped to utilize the opportunities of economic development, to promote social values and natural resources, and to address the needs of women, children, old-aged, people with disabilities, HIV/AIDS infected, and other vulnerable groups in the community.
  • Gender Integrated Development Program
    • A brochure for a disabled persons organization (DPO) based in Uganda, whose goal is: To advance goal and broad-based sustainable development opportunities of the poor and marginalized groups in rural areas and have a healthier and self-help community
  • Kelompok Peduli Penyandang Cacat "Kita Juga"
    • Sejarah: Berdiri tahun 2007 oleh 4 orang penyandang cacat asli Manggarai. Tujuan KPPC-­‐KJ adalah untuk mendukung penyandang cacat di Kabupaten Manggarai Barat bersama dengan keluarga untuk mencoba mencari solusi, supaya seorang lebih mandiri dan diberdayakan.
  • Sparkle of the Spirits
    • Sparkle of the Spirits is an organization in Mongolia that works with special needs children. This handout provides more details about their organization in PDF and PUB format.
  • United Deaf Woman's Organisation
    • UDEWO is a non government, non political and non profit making organization that works to promote the rights of deaf women and girls in Uganda.
  • Zambia Deaf Youth and Women (ZDYW) Brochure
    • ZDYW aims to advocate for the rights and equal opportunities for the Deaf Youth and Women.
  • Zimbabwe Disability Rights Organisation Handout
    • A handout describing the activities of the Zimbabwe Disability Rights Organisation