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For accessibility issues related to Information and Communication Technology (ICT) access.
  • Access Tourism New Zealand
    • Access Tourism NZ provides news and views about tourism, travel, and leisure that is accessible to people with disabilities, seniors, and Baby Boomers who will experience increasing disability as they age. This blog was developed by Sandra Rhodda, director of Access Tourism New Zealand, and Research Programme leader of Access Tourism.
  • Autismo Y Empatia
    • En este blog se intenta disipar mitos que por mucho tiempo existen sobre las personas en el espectro del autismo y la empatía. Encontrarán artículos escritos tanto por personas con autismo como de familiares amigos y profesionales, y otras personas que conocen que las personas con autismo pueden y sienten profunda empatía. Note that this is a Spanish sister site for the English site at http://www.autismandempathy.com/ which shares the same purpose of undoing the mistaken idea that autistic people necessarily lack empathy.
  • The Politics of Popcorn
    • In this narrative, the author discusses the misconceptions of disabled people in film and popular media.