Type: Video Recording

Personal blogs, narratives, interviews, and essays that are disability and disability rights related.
  • Being An Unperson
    • Blogger Amanda Baggs describes the ways in which people frequently dehumanize people with disabilities. This captioned video has been used in training staff who work with people with disabilities.
  • Disability Rights and Palestinian Women
    • This blog and video post discusses how one woman fought the perception she was a "burden" because of her disability.
  • In My Language
    • Blogger Amanda Baggs, an autistic woman, says: "Failure to learn your language is seen as a deficit but failure to learn my language is seen as so natural that people like me are ... viewed as non-communicative." With this video, Baggs shows us why this assumption is wrong.
  • Videos and Stuff: On Being Considered Retarded
    • In this blog post and captioned video, Amanda Baggs explains why she is more offended by the assumption that being "retarded" is bad than she is at being assumed to be "retarded."