This portal aims to provide information for and about people with disabilities, their families, and the people who work with them across the lifespan. This portal covers a range of disability-related topics including general information, resources, and toolkits.
  • Friendly Talk
    • A mother of an autistic boy explains to his young classmates how they can be better friends for Bud.
  • Konnichiwa
    • An autistic boy, Bud, finds it difficult and bewildering to understand most people or make himself understood to them. His mother explains to his young classmates why this makes him deeply attached to people who understand his autism by comparing his experience to a visitor in a foreign country who doesnt' know the local language.
  • Meanings, Feelings, and Wacky Hair
    • A mother of an autistic son explains why her son frequently repeats lines from television. She explains how he used his excellent memory for sounds and his echolia to work around his linguistic processing impairment and learn how to communicate.
  • On Being a Hair Dryer Kid in a Toaster World
    • A mother explains her son's autism to his young non-autistic classmates by comparing autism to what it would be like for a hair dryer in a world dominated by toasters.
  • Shake your Sillies Out
    • A mother explains to a class of young children why her son frequently needs to move around a lot during class.
  • Sing Out Loud, Sing Out Strong
    • A mother explains why her autistic son frequently recites scripts of television programs he likes over and over.
  • That's Not What I Hear
    • An autistic boy, Bud, hears things better than everyone else--and that sometimes causes problems for him. His mother explains why to his classmates.