This portal aims to provide information for and about people with disabilities, their families, and the people who work with them across the lifespan. This portal covers a range of disability-related topics including general information, resources, and toolkits.
  • Clothing Patterns and Sewing Instructions
    • In the sections you will find both ready-made patterns and sewing instructions for adapting clothing for people with disabilities. You have full access to all Fashion Freaks' patterns for personal use.
  • Community and Individual Responses to Disablement in South Asian Histories: Old Traditions, New Myths?
    • Documented histories of South Asian societies provide evidence that disabled people played various roles in families and communities, sometimes with a good deal of independence. The commonest responses have been top-down, charitable or restrictive; yet some evidence challenges the stereotypes and suggests that disablement historically evoked a wider range of responses and initiative.
  • Direct Payments Schemes for People with Disabilities: A Summary Guide
    • The aims of this guide are to provide a range of stakeholders (disabled people, service providers, community and voluntary groups and statutory agencies) with information on what direct payments are; to create awareness of the concept of direct payments; and to commence the process of lobbying for the introduction of a direct payments pilot research programme.
  • Issues Arising from Genetics - Genetics and Disability
    • The author discusses issues raised by genetics in disability, outlines the uses of genetic testing and his concerns about how it is developing, as well as the different uses for genetics in general and with regard to reproductive screening, and the problems surrounding this issue.
  • Toward a Politics of Disability: Definitions, Disciplines, and Policies.
    • The purpose of this study is to examine the values contained in three major definitions of disability, to examine the policy implications of each of these definitions, and to appraise the extent to which research in various disciplines of the social sciences has facilitated or impeded the development of a new conceptualization of the issue.