This portal aims to provide information for and about people with disabilities, their families, and the people who work with them across the lifespan. This portal covers a range of disability-related topics including general information, resources, and toolkits.
  • An Overview of Deaf Education in Nigeria
    • This article provides an interesting insight into the history of deaf education in Nigeria. It also outlines the present situation for deaf children and highlights some of the many challenges for deaf people and deaf education in Nigeria.
  • Family Friendly!
    • This book aims to raise awareness of the important role that parents and families can play in the lives of their deaf children and in their communities. It provides practical examples showing how families, service providers and deaf people can work together to support deaf children.
  • Insights into Deafness in Uganda
    • A brief account of some common experiences of deaf and hard of hearing people in Uganda, which highlights the apparent discrimination, prejudice, isolation and barriers they face on a daily basis.