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DPOs and Disability-Oriented Organizations, Schools, and Agencies
  • Advocacy Policy
    • This article is an explanation of Disability Advocacy New South Wales' (NSW) advocacy policy. It includes a descriptions of its services and its limits.
  • Art Walk for Education and Social Inclusion of Children with Disabilities
    • This project sponsored by the Centre for Services and Information on Disability looks to promote an inclusive, barrier free society for children using three groups of children performing three different arts. They give a description of the process they took to set up the project activities.
  • Directorio de Organizaciones de Niñez en Centroamérica y México.
    • Este directorio, que incluye a las organizaciones que trabajan en Centroamérica y México en relación con los derechos de la niñez, aspira a ser una herramienta útil para fomentar relaciones interregionales que promuevan y faciliten el intercambio de información, acciones y experiencias en el referido tema.
  • Disability In and Around Urban Areas of Sierra Leone (published 2010)
    • This publication provides one of the first comprehensive studies into disability in and around the urban areas of Sierra Leone. From Leonard Cheshire Disability International. In English.
  • Kelompok Peduli Penyandang Cacat "Kita Juga"
    • Sejarah: Berdiri tahun 2007 oleh 4 orang penyandang cacat asli Manggarai. Tujuan KPPC-­‐KJ adalah untuk mendukung penyandang cacat di Kabupaten Manggarai Barat bersama dengan keluarga untuk mencoba mencari solusi, supaya seorang lebih mandiri dan diberdayakan.
  • Tanzania League of the Blind - TLB - Constitution
    • The official 2008 constitution of the Tanzania Leage of the Blind (TLB). It takes into consideration the economic, political and social circumstances of Tanzania and the world at large.
  • Zambia Deaf Youth and Women (ZDYW) Brochure
    • ZDYW aims to advocate for the rights and equal opportunities for the Deaf Youth and Women.