Category: Salamanca Statement on Inclusive Education

This page is for content related to the Salamanca Statement and Framework of Action on Special Needs Education that was adopted at the June 1994 World Conference on Special Needs Education held in Salamanca, Spain. Countries around the world have used this framework of action to guide their work in enabling more students with disabilities to access an education.
  • The Salamanca Statement and Framework for Action on Special Needs Education
    • This document represents a world wide consensus on future directions for special needs education. Its purpose is to inform policy and guide action by governments, international organizations, national aid agencies, non - governmental organizations and other bodies in implementing the Salamanca Statement on Principles, Policy and Practice in Special Needs Education.
  • The UNESCO Salamanca Statement
    • This report from the UN’s education agency calls on the international community to endorse the approach of inclusive schools by implementing practical and strategic changes.