Category: Africa

The United Nations defines Africa as including: Eastern Africa, Middle Africa, Northern Africa, Southern Africa, and Western Africa.
  • African Journal on Disability
    • The African Journal of Disability is a scholarly research journal that provides a forum for the exploration of issues and experiences relating to and supporting the act of better understanding the interfaces between disability, poverty, and practices of exclusion and marginalization through research learning and problem-based knowledge sharing across the African continent.
  • African Region: Advocacy for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
    • This is a basic presentation for developing advocacy for the rights of people with disabilities in Tanzania. How to decide when, where, and why you want to change policy and how to advocate for it. PDF format.
  • CBR Stories From Africa: What Can They Teach Us?
    • Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) is an evolving concept. Its effectiveness depends on continuous reflection, debate and learning. This book aims to facilitate this process through the stories of five CBR programmes in Africa.
  • Disabled Women in Africa
    • Works to empower women with disabilities to lobby for their rights, raise their visibility in society, to mainstream gender policies and disability policies, and to network.
  • DIWA: Who We Are?
    • A brochure from Disabled Women in Africa (DIWA) expressing their mission statement. The DIWA advocate for the rights, visibility, and empowerment of women with disabilities in Africa.
  • Human Rights Africa
    • This electronic newsletter is disseminated about three times a year by the Secretariat of the African Decade of Persons with Disabilities. Archived issues going back to 2007 can be downloaded at the link.
  • The Need for Transportation Services for Vulnerable Populations in Africa
    • An article discusses the lack of transportation in Africa for those with disabilities and the costs of perpetually ignoring the issue of equity by national and international organizations. PDF format.