Category: Blind/Low-Vision Education

How to promote the human rights of blind/low-vision students to participate in education.
  • Libraries for the Blind in the Information Age: Guidelines for Development
    • These guidelines provide libraries, governments, and other stakeholders with a framework for developing library services for people who are print-disabled. Where appropriate the guidelines are supported by examples from many countries around the world. PDF format.
  • The Role of Integrated Education for Blind Children
    • This article aims to resolve the fact that under 10% of blind children in developing countries have access to education. It describes the positive role integrated education may play in children's lives and offers solutions to integrating blind children from rural areas. PDF format.
  • The Role of Itinerant Teachers
    • This article explains the importance of itinerant teachers in the development and education of blind children. It alludes to the various challenges itinerant teachers face in and out of the classrom. PDF format.
  • Violence Against Girls Who are Blind and Visually Impaired in Schools Malawi
    • Examines the problem of violence committed against girls in Malawi who are blind or visually impaired, what causes it, why it should be addressed, and what strategies can be used.