Occupational Outlook Handbook

This Handbook is produced by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and provides detailed information about a variety of job choices, the education required for them, their average salaries, and a description of what they do.


These OWL resources will help you compose effective résumés and Curriculum Vitae for your job search. This section includes resources on page design (which includes using white space, headings, and fonts), as well as resources on tailoring your résumé for specific employers.


Parenting can be a difficult job, however the valuable parenting tips we provide can make the job easier. Here, you will find many valuable resources, articles and stories offering parenting help in today’s world.

Setting Personal Goals

This is a beginning course on setting personal goals and building your own personal financial plan. Knowing what you want to accomplish in life is critical to any discussion on financial planning.

How to Succeed in Your Work

This book covers a variety of topics: how to Succeed in Your Work, how to write a resume, how to apply for a job, how to groom for an interview, how to appraise your work progress, how to manage a meeting, how to prepare a report, time management, managing stress, and how to work as a manager and how to decide if you should change jobs.

Fair Shake Re-entry Resource Center

Through a blend of reentry awareness and web-based tools and resources, Fair Shake encourages all stakeholders to participate in the reintegration of formerly incarcerated people back into society.