Highlighted Links

Rolling around in my Head

Dave Hingsburger has worked in the field of intellectual disability and human rights for more than 30 years, emphasizing prevention of violence and abuse and protecting the right to sexuality. His blog examines discrimination issues in daily life from a disability and human rights perspective.

Ragged Edge Magazine

Ragged Edge Magazine in an online magazine which comes from the former "Disability Rag" from Advacado Press. This site contains thousands of articles, essays and narratives of individuals discussing their experiences with disabilities and disability rights.

Women With Disabilities Australia

Women with Disabilities Australia is an Australian organization led by women with disabilities who serve women with disabilities. They wish to establish the realization of the equal rights of women with disabilities in Australia. Included in this website are naratives and essays which explain life as a women with disabilities.

Journeys with Autism

The Journeys with Austism blog published by Rachel Cohen-Rottenberg, a woman with late diagnosed Autism, is a space where she writes about everyday life as an Autistic person. She also opens the blog up to guest bloggers who politely debate on disability rights issues, within an online Autistic community.

Diary of a Goldfish

A woman with physical disabilities writes about her experiences in life.  She also writes about "disablism" (prejudice toward people with disabilities).