Category: Accessibility Software Forges

This pages links to websites with large databases of accessibility software for download or purchase. Users can explore these websites to find new accessibility solutions to try and use.
  • Arabic Conversions
    • Software programs which have been converted for use with Arabic-based computers - includes Edgeless2, KwikLoupe, Mouseketeer, QuickRes Resolution Changer, RapidSet, Sonar5, Spr-Ot, T-Bar, Vu-Bar, Washer, and AT Toolbar.
  • FX Assistive Technology Downloads
    • This page connects to a set of accessibility software downloads for users with disabilities.
  • Open Source Assistive Technology Software
    • OATSoft is dedicated to improving Assistive Technology and computer accessibility through the power of Open Source development techniques. OATSoft makes the best Open Source Assistive Technology Software (OATS) easy to find. Users and developers meet at OATSoft to create better software.
  • Project F123: Solutions on a Grand Scale
    • Project F123 provides all the software a person with a disability needs to use a computer, including operating system, applications, and assistive technologies (such as screen readers or virtual keyboards) in USB drives or installed directly on computers.