Category: DPOs in South-Eastern Asia

The United Nations defines South-Eastern Asia as including: Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao People's Democratic Republic, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Timor-Leste, and Viet Nam.
  • Asia-Pacific Development Center on Disability
    • The Asia-Pacific Development Center on Disability is a regional center on disability established in Bangkok. They publish a monthly newsletter and offer other resources for people with disabilities.
  • Association of Late Deafened Adults--Asia Pacific
    • This group is dedicated to providing a platform for late deafened people and their families to communicate about deafness. They also publish a newsletter.
  • Cambodian Disabled People's Organization
    • The Cambodian Disabled People's Organization is run by and for people with disabilities who wish to build disability networks to collectively protect the rights of people with disabilites in Cambodia.
  • Disabled Women’s Organizations in Pacific-Asia
    • This page lists Disabled Women’s Organizations, Groups, and Committees in the Asia/Pacific Region (plus a few in Africa). Includes web links, email addresses, phone numbers, and fax numbers when available.
  • Kelompok Peduli Penyandang Cacat "Kita Juga"
    • Sejarah: Berdiri tahun 2007 oleh 4 orang penyandang cacat asli Manggarai. Tujuan KPPC-­‐KJ adalah untuk mendukung penyandang cacat di Kabupaten Manggarai Barat bersama dengan keluarga untuk mencoba mencari solusi, supaya seorang lebih mandiri dan diberdayakan.
  • Leonard Cheshire Disability Philippines Foundation (LCDPF)
    • LCDPF promotes and protects the welfare of persons with disabilities in the Philippines, working towards the attainment of educational equality, economic independence and their active participation in social, cultural, political and civil life. It takes a rights-based approach to disability and has an advocacy program for young people, Young Voices
  • The Cambodia Trust
    • The Cambodia Trust organization does training, physical rehabilitation, community-based rehabilitation, and job assistance. Contains links to some videos of the groups activities.
  • United Voice
    • United Voice (UV) is the first society in Malaysia to be led by people with learning disabilities. It helps people with Down Syndrome, autism, attention deficit disorder, global developmental delay and other specific learning disabilities establish self-advocacy groups all over Malaysia.