Category: DPOs in Asia

Disabled People's Organizations working throughout Asia. The United Nations define the sub regions of Asia as: Central Asia, Eastern Asia, Southern Asia, South-Eastern Asia, and Western Asia (Middle East).
  • BasicNeeds - Assistance for Mental Disabilities
    • BasicNeeds works in the developing world to end the suffering of mentally ill people. By ensuring that their basic needs are met and their basic rights are respected, the organization's aim is to give hope to the thousands of people who struggle daily with a lack of treatment and the stigma surrounding their disease.
  • Braille Without Boarders
    • Braille Without Borders wants to empower blind people from Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Pacific regions so they themselves can set up projects and schools for other blind people.
  • Disabled People's International Asia-Pacific Region
    • Disabled People's International Asia-Pacific Region is the regional branch of Disabled People´s International (DPI) based in Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Disabled Women’s Organizations in Pacific-Asia
    • This page lists Disabled Women’s Organizations, Groups, and Committees in the Asia/Pacific Region (plus a few in Africa). Includes web links, email addresses, phone numbers, and fax numbers when available.