Category: DPOs in Africa

Disabled People's Organizations working throughout Africa. The United Nations defines Africa as including: Eastern Africa, Middle Africa, Northern Africa, Southern Africa, and Western Africa.
  • Action on Disability and Development (ADD)
    • Supports disabled peoples organizations in Africa and Asia so they can actively promote the rights of all adults and children with disabilities to be fully included in society. Influences policy makers and development organizers to include the rights and needs of people with disabilities in all their work.
  • African Policy on Disability and Development
    • African Policy on Disability and Development aims to document and analyse the factors that contribute to realising the rights of people with disabilities, promote their health and well-being and release their economic potential, with government strategies aimed at poverty alleviation.
  • Braille Without Boarders
    • Braille Without Borders wants to empower blind people from Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Pacific regions so they themselves can set up projects and schools for other blind people.
  • The Secretariat of the African Decade of Persons with Disabilities
    • This organization is dedicated to promoting the African Decade of Persons with Disabilities. They have informational materials, resources, and toolkits relevant to disability advocates across the African continent.