Category: ICT and International Development

This section provides information on technology issues in developing countries with a particular emphasis on communication technologies such as the Internet.
  • A Guide to Improving Internet Access in Africa with Wireless Technologies
    • This article put written by Mike Jensen discusses different ways of bringing the Internet to Africa.
  • eGranary Digital Library Project
    • The eGranary Digital Library - also known as "The Internet in a Box" - provides millions of digital educational resources to institutions lacking adequate Internet access. Through a process of garnering permissions, copying Web sites, and delivering them to intranet Web servers inside partner institutions in developing countries, eGranary libraries deliver millions of multimedia documents that can be instantly accessed by patrons over their local area networks at no cost.
  • Internet Prospects in the South: Simple Questions, Complex Issues
    • The last years have shown a spectacular move of the Developing Countries into the networks. Depending on the region, Fidonet or UUCP have been the preferred entry protocols and everywhere the trend is to migrate, whenever possible, towards TCP-IP...
  • Making a Difference: Measuring the Impact of Information on Development
    • This book reports on an international research program investigating the impact of information on development. It presents a series of case studies and essays that describe practical, operational experience with methodologies to assess the impact of information. Amongst many issues, authors examine sampling and interview techniques, questionnaire design, survey instruments, data definitions and approaches to identifying different user communities. The book will be of use to scholars, researchers, students and practitioners in information sciences and development studies.
  • Making the Internet Connection Count
    • This manual, Making the Internet Connection Count, takes you, your organization, your work team, or any groups you intend to collaborate with through a process of examination and discovery. You will think about how you use information now, how you could use it in the future, and how you plan to introduce or expand the use of the Internet in your organization consistent with your organization's needs.
  • The WiderNet Project
    • The WiderNet Project is a service program affiliated with the University of North Carolina that works to improve digital communication in developing countries. The WiderNet Project focuses on the improvement of educational communication systems in underserved areas of the world by providing faculty and students with access to computers and the eGranary Digital Library.
  • The Wireless Toolbox: Using Low Cost Radio Communication Systems for Telecommunication
    • A Guide To Using Low-Cost Radio Communication Systems for Telecommunication in Developing Countries - An African Perspective.