Category: Conflict, War, and International Development

This section provides information about war and other forms of conflict in developing countries. Its emphasis is on the relationship between conflict and international development including poverty, health, education, etc.
  • Africa Peace and Conflict Journal
    • Understanding of the fundamental causes and conditions of violence and approaches to peace in Africa with all its peculiarities can only be achieved when Africans and others engage in the critical exploration of the African realities. The interdisciplinary emphasis of APCJ seeks to encourage the building of the field, combining the disciplines of peace and conflict studies, development, and human and social security in Africa.
  • An African Peace Process
    • This monograph outlines the origins and nature of the conflict in Burundi. It discusses the problems of establishing democracy in a region where ethnic conflict has occasioned genocide, traces the peace process in detail and assesses the prospects for the future.
  • Behind the Mask
    • Getting to grips with crime and violence in South Africa.
  • From Conflict to Negotiation
    • Nature-based development on the South African Wild Coast. Special edition
  • Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies
    • The Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE) is an open global network of representatives from NGOs, UN agencies, donor agencies, governments, academic institutions, schools and affected populations working together to ensure all persons the right to quality and safe education in emergencies and post-crisis recovery.