Category: हिंदी Hindi

Human rights resources in the language of Hindi.
  • Gender va Pitrasatta: Ek Prashikshan Module
    • A training manual as well as report of a workshop on gender and patriarchy. Hindi Language.
  • Gharelu Hinsa: Meri ya Kisi Aur ki Samasya? (Flyer)
    • This flyer attempts to put together basic information on domestic violence and the "Information on The Protection of Women From Domestic Violence Act, 2005". Domestic violence has been broadly defined here and popular notions have been addressed, so that the reader can ascertain whether or not she or other people around her are facing domestic violence. (Hindi)
  • Mahilaon ke khilaf hinsa
    • This is a basic training manual for organizations to use within communities that they work in to discuss issues of violence against women. Hindi Language.
  • Mahilaon ke Prati Hinsa do Samaapt Karne ke Liye Vaishvik Gatbandhan ka Nirman: Vaishvik Samvad Shrinkhala
    • Based on the documentation of the CREA global dialogue, “Violence Against Women: Working through Chasms, Differences and Boundaries”. Examines feminism and the ‘Violence against Women’ movement; global perspectives and common themes on violence against women; partnerships and strategies for working together and issues of funding and power. (Hindi Translation)
  • Pairvee: Kyon aur Kaise
    • This toolkit on advocacy equips social change organizations and activists with knowledge and skills on various advocacy tools, methods and strategies. This toolkit reaches out to especially grassroots organizations in India and seeks to reduce the paucity of material in Hindi on issue of advocacy. In Hindi Language
  • Reproductive Health Matters Hindi Edition on yuvaon ke yaunik evam prajanan swaasthya va adhikar
    • This edition of Reproductive Health Matters is a compilation of ten articles that discuss issues faced by young people in accessing information and services around reproductive and sexual health and rights, including info and best practices from Indonesia, Nepal and Australia. Hindi Language
  • Yaunikata evam gender: Ek Prashikshan Guide
    • A training manual on gender and sexuality has been developed by CREA for people/organizations interested in doing training on sexuality with their staff, community and/or specific groups. The manual assists trainers in raising key issues in sexuality and facilitating discussions that challenge norms and beliefs on issues of sexuality and gender. In Hindi Language