Category: Americas

  • Focus on Ability: Interviewing Applicants with Disabilities
    • This article contains information that may assist employers in ensuring maximum benefit from an interview when the person being interviewed happens to have a disability. PDF format.
  • Keeping Track: National Disability Status and Program Performance Indicators
    • This report is the result of a year-long effort to identify valid federal data and to describe the status of the United States population of Americans with disabilities.It also lays out a roadmap for the federal government to expand the national disability indicator set, as well as a mechanism for installing the set into a key national indicator system.
  • Successful Aging of Women with Intellectual Disabilities: The Toronto Experience
    • This study aims to identify some key issues in aging for older women with intellectual disabilities from the perspective of the women themselves. Findings indicate that these women face significant challenges as they age, especially in the areas of health and economic well being. PDF format.
  • The State of Disability in America
    • This document is an examination and consolidation of current and existing research on the overall state of affairs for individuals with disabilities in America and includes chapters on disability rights in America, healthcare, education, employment, housing, and organizing for change. It also includes personal stories and quotes from disability rights advocates and trail blazers. PDF format.