Category: Content on Disability for Children & Youth

Teachers and educators: you can find additional resources on the "Adapted Curriculum Materials" page.
  • Counting Book with BSL and the Braille System
    • This document introduces the braille alphabet and British Sign Language's Alphabet for young children.
  • Disability Posters of People who make a Difference
    • Forty-five posters of historical and current people with disabilities whose lives have made a difference to the world and to society. PDF format.
  • Elliot's Story: Love to Learn
    • This page is a children's story about a boy with Dyslexia, and how he overcomes his struggles in a class setting.
  • End the Cycle: Poverty and Disability
    • Provides information about the cycle of disability and poverty: disability increases the risk of poverty and the conditions of poverty increase the risk of disability. Offers lesson plans and personal stories for teaching primary school students about disability and poverty.
  • Moya and the Elephant Dance
    • Written by Julie McNamara. Illustrated by Boruch Simons. A children's story of several children in the hospital and one girl's dreams of an elephant.
  • My Dad Uses His Wheelchair
    • Children's illustrated book about boy whose father uses a wheelchair by Malini Chib.
  • The Pillars of Space by Anthony Ford
    • This is a story about a variety of animals and a farmer with disabilities, and how they live together.
  • Zarah and the Place
    • A children's story book about a girl named zarah who is a wheelchair user and how they fought for a playground that they have come to call "a place." Written by Richard Rieser. Illustrated by Santi Rieser.