Category: Adapted Curriculum Materials for Students with Disabilities

  • Accessible Science Activities
    • This section includes adapted activities that you can view or download and print to take to your classroom. Activities are organized by subject. Many of these experiments can be found in books or other websites, but we have adapted them to meet the needs of our students and have successfully used them in our classrooms.
  • Curriculum Materials to Support Inclusion
    • This article gives examples of real class activities teachers in Zambia employed to include children with disabilities in their curriculum.
  • Resource room
    • Lessons, ideas, articles and links for multisensory learning for people of all ages.
  • Story Boxes: A Hands-On Literacy Experience
    • This is a resource to help educators create "story boxes:" a collection of items in a box or bag that corresponds to the items mentioned in the story. It can help young children with visual impairments experience a story with their sighed classmates.