Category: Partnerships

This page contains resources about partnerships with other stakeholders, including government, corporate, and funding partners.
  • Bridging the Social Divide: A Grounded View of Partnership-Building in Latin America, Southeast Asia, Southern Africa and North America
    • This article is a case study and analysis of different examples of successful partnerships from around the world. It offers practical advice to NGOs for building and maintaining partnerships with various other stakeholder groups and for maximizing the impact that these partnerships have.
  • How Partnerships Work
    • This web page outlines important qualities of partnerships and offers advice for NGOs on the process of building effective partnerships.
  • The Capacity Project
    • An innovative global initiative funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the Capacity Project is designed to help developing countries build and sustain the health workforce so they can respond systemically to the challenges of implementing and sustaining quality health programs.
  • The Roles of Partnership and Bridging Leadership in Building Stronger Communities
    • This article provides a comprehensive overview of the major stakeholders in many partnerships: NGOs, government, businesses, and foundations. It describes the assets that each of them brings to partnerships and also discusses how corporate responsibility can be brought to partnerships.
  • Tourism
    • This course is designed to introduce you to working with tourists & tourism, communicative effectively with them, and promote your business and culture.