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Flag of Scotland
Arms of Scotland
Scotland in Europe

Scotland ( Gaelic: Alba) is a country that occupies the northern third of the island of Great Britain. It is part of the United Kingdom, and shares a land border to the south with England. It has a population of 5,117,000 and an area of 78,800 km².

Scotland shares a 60 mile (96 km) land border to the south with England, and is bounded by the North Sea to the east, the Atlantic Ocean to the north and west, and the North Channel and Irish Sea to the south-west. Scottish waters border those of Norway, the Faeroes, Iceland and Ireland. Apart from the mainland, Scotland consists of over 790 islands, giving it a coastline of approximately 6200 miles (9,900 km).

The Kingdom of Scotland was united in 843, by Kenneth MacAlpin, King of Scots, and is thus one of the oldest still-existing countries in the world. Scotland existed as an independent state until the Act of Union, 1 May, 1707.

The flag of Scotland - the Saltire or St Andrew's Cross - is thought to be the oldest national flag still in use. Saint Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland and Saint Andrew's Day, on 30 November, is Scotland's national day. There are currently attempts to create a national holiday on this day. Scottish people have played prominent parts in many important inventions and discoveries.

Selected article

North Inch today, looking southeast towards the city's eastern edge

The Battle of the North Inch (also known as the Battle of the Clans) was a staged battle between the Chattan Confederation and the "Clan Kay" in September 1396. 30 men were selected to represent each side in front of spectators that included King Robert III of Scotland and his court, on land that is now the North Inch park in Perth, Scotland. The Cattanach killed all but one of their opponents at a cost of 19 deaths on their own side, and were awarded the victory. It is not clear who they were fighting: it may have been their traditional enemies Clan Cameron or it may have been Clan Davidson, in an internal dispute for precedence in the Chattan line of battle in future campaigns against the Camerons.

According to historian Alexander Mackintosh Shaw, Clan Chattan was composed of MacKintoshes, MacPhersons, Davidsons, MacGillivrays and Macbeans, while Marshall's History of Perth states that "it is generally accepted that the Clan Chattan were the MacKintoshes, but, as always happens with the unfortunate, no sept or clan is willing to claim kindred with the Clan Kay". Some historians identify Clan Kay with Clan Cameron, whose feud with the Chattans would last 360 years. More recent historians, however, have suggested that the battle was an internal dispute between two clans from within Clan Chattan over who should take precedence in order of battle. This dispute had almost given the Camerons victory at the Battle of Invernahavon (1370 or 1386).

Selected picture

The BT Building In Edinburgh Park

Edinburgh Park is a business park in South Gyle, Edinburgh, Scotland. It is west of the city, near Edinburgh Airport and the Edinburgh City Bypass, and opened in 1995. The layout of the park was masterplanned by American architect Richard Meier. Edinburgh Park railway station, which is on the Glasgow to Edinburgh via Falkirk Line, opened in December 2003, and it is planned that the Edinburgh Tram Network will pass through the park.

It is not to be confused with Gyle Park nearby, site of the former Gogarloch. The park has a bar/grill, nursery, and several sculptures, including busts of famous Scottish poets, many of them socialists.

Photo credit: Maccoinnich

Selected quotes

... All money is a matter of belief ...
Adam Smith
... To a shower of gold, most things are penetrable ...
Thomas Carlyle

In the news

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Did You Know?

James McKenzie

  • ... that New Zealand's notorious outlaw James McKenzie (picture of reward) came from Ross-shire, and has Mackenzie Country named after him?
  • ... that the A968 in Shetland is Britain's northernmost A road?
  • ... that Reporting Scotland newsreader Sally Magnusson is also the author of a book about urine?
  • ...that both of the parents of Mary MacKillop, Australia's first (and only) recognised saint, came from Scotland?
  • ... that Castle of Park, near Glenluce, has "commodious closets"?
  • ... that Adam of Kilconquhar, first husband of Robert the Bruce's mother Marjory of Carrick, died on crusade at Acre in 1271?
  • ...that the Dutch painter Josephine Broekhuizen uses the Isle of Arran as a major source of inspiration?
  • ...that the Scottish Senior Citizens Unity Party has fielded Celtic and Rangers candidates in elections?
  • ...that F. Gwynplaine MacIntyre worked on The Prisoner and took his name from a Victor Hugo novel?


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