400 eGranaries Sold!

The WiderNet Project sold its 400th eGranary Digital Library on October 6, 2011. Dr. Mansoor Ali Khan of Pakistan was the recipient of the 400th Library.

“It’s a terrific landmark,” said WiderNet Project Director Cliff Missen.

The WiderNet Project began distributing digital libararies in 2001 and plans to hit the 500 mark in early June 2012. With launch sites of the eGranary digital library in over 35 countries, the introduction of the new Global Disability Rights Library stands to increase the current number substantially.

Samantha Bouwers, a librarian at the WiderNet Project, has helped build the device that holds over 30 million resources.

“What's exciting for me is not the 400th eGranary, but rather the 399 leading up to it,” Bouwers said. “It's so cool to be part of something bigger -- cool to build off the legacy that people have invested in with all of the previous versions of the eGranary.”

Dr. Khan plans to implement the eGranary at his institution, The Indus Hospital. He found out about the eGranary through his affiliation with the Ponseti Project that currently has a portal on the eGranary Digital Library. "Libraries are very expensive to establish and run in the third world,” Khan said. “I strongly feel any institution that wants to become world-class has to have an extensive library.” He anticipates his hospital staff, residents and the school of nursing will benefit from the device

“It is expected to have an enormous impact,” Khan said.