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Mr. Wikipedia - Jay Clelland

Jay Clelland, our own “Mr. Wikipedia”, is a programmer of the eGranary Digital Library for the WiderNet Project. In two and a half years, Jay has dabbled in just about every piece of the eGranary, yet much of his work comes from copying the massive and constantly-changing Wikipedia.

Taking information from Wikipedia’s editable database and converting it into an offline form for the eGranary is problematic. With over 3 million pages that need to be updated regularly, Jay rarely finds himself without work to do.  His favorite part of the job was the recent update from an older search engine program in order to make the eGranary’s search function more user-friendly.

“It’s good to know that you’re doing something that positively affects someone else,” he says of his work at the WiderNet Project, which he feels aligns with his personal beliefs. “The reason I was always interested in science in the first place was to help people improve their circumstances.”