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Plenty of Progress for the GDRL

It's been a busy summer for the Global Disability Rights Library!

By the September 1 deadline, over 750 organizations submitted applications to recieve one of the 60 GDRL eGranaries funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). So far, more than 1 million new resources highlighting disability rights issues have been added to the eGranary by librarians at the WiderNet Project and the United States International Council on Disabilities (USICD).

With the launch of the GDRL, four new regional representatives were hired in Nigeria, Tanzania, and Bangladesh to assist in the successful deployment of the GDRLs. Representatives were selected based on their past work with disabled persons organizations, IT training, ability to educate others, and influence in their community. They will assist in installing eGranaries with the GDRL at deployment sites, troubleshoot problems, train the staff, and conduct public relations and advocacy in their communities.

“This will make it easier for sites to roll out their libraries,” says Tomeka Petersen, GDRL Field Coordinator for the WiderNet Project. “It’s good to have somebody out in the field that can actually see what’s occurring at the sites.”