Bonny Norton Talks about the eGranary Digital Library

In June, the WiderNet Project hosted a talk by Dr. Bonny Norton, a Professor and Distinguished University Scholar in the Department of Language and Literacy Education at the University of British Columbia, Canada.

Dr. Norton's presentation, "Digital Literacy and Imagined Identities: the eGranary in Ugandan Classrooms", highlighted her research team's work in Uganda with the eGranary Digital Library. Interviewing both students and teachers, they found intriguing relationships between digital literacy and imagined identities.

A video of her 40-minute presentation can be viewed at

"I love this video because Dr. Bonny Norton puts into academic lingo the heart-felt reasons we do this work, " said Cliff Missen, WiderNet Project director. "I've always known in my bones that, given access to new ideas and new information, people can change their minds and change their lives. Dr. Norton clarifies this in a profound way in her research."

Dr. Bonny Norton's award-winning research addresses identity and language learning, education and international development, and critical literacy. She was the 2010 inaugural recipient of the new AERA Award for "Second Language Leadership through Research".  Her Web site can be found at