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12-volt eGranary Demonstrated in Liberia

During March, Cliff Missen visited colleges in Kakata and Cuttington Liberia to demonstrate the newly developed 12-volt eGranary Digital Library to students and teachers. 

His visit was a part of the Liberia Teacher Training Program, a USAID-funded program being managed by the Academy for Educational Development. 

After 16 years of civil war, Liberia has lost many teachers. The Liberia Teacher Training Program is rebuilding the number of teachers in Liberia and is considering the use of 12V eGranaries to do so.  

“The reaction from the dozens of people who were able to test out the 12-volt eGranary was terrific,” said Missen. "I set up a 12-volt wireless eGranary, plugged in a 12-volt projector, and then handed out netbook computers to give lessons on Web page design.  All from a single battery!"

Planning is also underway to build a customized portal in the eGranary Digital Library that is tailored to Liberian teachers’ needs.


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