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SCECSAL Conference Attendants Affirm eGranary Digital Library’s Success

During a trip to Botswana for the SCECSAL Conference this past December, WiderNet Project founder Cliff Missen received resounding endorsements from eGranary users in the field. Cliff was there to conduct two workshops on the eGranary evaluation process funded by the Rockefeller Foundation. He also had a booth in the exhibition hall where the eGranary could be demonstrated and information on the evaluation process as well as the eGranary itself could be passed out.

The trip got off to a bumpy start, when Missen’s luggage was lost by the airlines. Having only a mini-computer and a small eGranary Digital Library at his disposal, Missen was able to show the stand-alone functionality of the eGranary. As over 200 people came by to investigate the WiderNet Project’s booth, the computer played a slide show of pictures taken right off the eGranary Digital Library itself. Visitors sported eGranary buttons throughout the event, and took home WiderNet brochures and pens as well.

Missen initially worried he would not be able to showcase the depth of the eGranary Digital Library’s capacity due to his missing luggage. He was pleasantly surprised to find that word of mouth praised the eGranary best: “For every person that stopped by the booth that had never heard of the eGranary before,” Missen explained, “there was another person passing by that enthusiastically shared their experiences with the device.” Admist a sea of products geared toward improving digital literacy in Africa, the reaffirming stories attendees shared about their success with the eGranary made the trip a true success.


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