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Drs. Michael and Darlene McNulty International Research Fellowship Fund

The Michael and Darlene McNulty Research Award is a $1,000 grant to a University of Iowa ungraduate senior or graduate student engaging in research or training in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The award seeks to support young academics interested in combining international studies with their own area of study so as to improve their teaching/working capacity once they graduate.  UI students who have worked or volunteered with the WiderNet Project and its eGranary Digital Library are encouraged to apply.

U.S. and international undergraduate senior or graduate students enrolled at The University of Iowa will be eligible for the award.  Research Grants are for a minimum of six weeks and recipients must be planning to return to The University of Iowa to complete their program.  Applicants should be prepared to describe their research project and provide specific details about their proposed budget during their stay.  Applicants will be expected to seek additional funding from other UI and/or external sources to pay for a portion of their travel and research expenses.

Application and selection procedures will be in accordance with guidelines established by the WiderNet Project.  Application forms can be accessed online and will be due at the end of May for research/training projects beginning in the summer or fall of the same year.

To be eligible for the award students must:

  • Be a UI undergraduate senior or graduate student.
  • Be a student traveling to Sub-Saharan Africa for the first time.

Preferred applicants will:

  • Be interested in developing nations/ third world issues.
  • Be willing to, if possible, travel to an eGranary Digital Library location in their country or carry an eGranary and assist in its installation.

Applications are available through the WiderNet Web site at

Questions can be directed to:

Cliff Missen, Director
The WiderNet Project
201 Communications Center
Iowa City, IA 52242

Phone: 319-335-2200


Application Due Date: May 30

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