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Volunteer Highlight - Preethi Ambati

The many enterprises of the WiderNet Project would be impossible if not for good databases that allow partners and volunteers from around the world to collaborate and coordinate their efforts.  WiderNet has been very lucky to have the database programming skills of volunteer, Preethi Ambati, who has been working on the creation and management of Web databases, including several for the Global Disability Rights Library.

Ambati came to the United States from India in 2009, with a Masters in Information Technology from Allahabad University.  She became involved with the WiderNet project a year later, when she moved from Oregon to Iowa City.  In her six months working with WiderNet, Preethi has put in over 500 hours of volunteer work.  Her database analysis and programming skills are put to good use creating, editing and updating reports for WiderNet’s multiple databases.

Project Assistant, Casse Jensen explains that Preethi’s work “makes tracking our subscribers a lot more efficient”. 

"In the next two years we'll be deploying the Global Disability Rights Library to 60 sites," notes Cliff Missen, the project director.  "This process would be a real headache without the database Preethi's made for us to gather applications and track deployment sites."

In addition to volunteering, Preethi expresses her creative energies through oil and glass painting. A painting can take her between 1 and 5 hours depending on the size of the canvas and the intricacy of the picture. Preethi describes her life passions as “cooking, painting, and programming”.

As far as programming is concerned, WiderNet is the lucky beneficiary of her time, talent, and hard work.

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