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Testimonials from COEP Users

"It is awesome!  (The COEP) has so much information on it. It's got business plans, career information, even cooking recipes. It also gives us the savvy as to how to be computer literate once we get home. Technology, what a great help."

- Inmate R. Flores

"Thank you for helping us broaden our minds. I believe having the opportunity to study subjects that we have a personal interest in will helping both myself and other inmates utilize the tools you are offering more. I just wanted to express my gratitude."

- Inmate C. Seneson


"Technology can help me be able to find out about my research of whatever I’m seeking, without having to go through books.  It taught me how to navigate for different subject information I want to know, such as health, fashion, religion, etc. also it teaches better than the text book does.

- Texas inmate


" has helped me increase my academics in college.  I failed every class when I took the entrance level exams. I needed tutors so I could pass my remedial classes.  I didn’t have a tutor at hand, so I used Wikipedia to help me understand my reading, math, and writing skills.  It has helped me beyond words can explain.  By typing in a few words to get to your site has helped me start my college career."

-- Ferguson inmate


"It has opened a whole new world of information and data that was not available before when the lab consisted of nothing but your classmates and school books.  The opportunity to use programs such as Wikipedia makes available information that seemed before impossible to attain.  The chance to simply type in any subject and receive unending amounts of information and research has given students inside prison a chance at truly becoming academically successful." 

- Texas inmate and tutor