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 I use the eGranary often as a tutor in the Education Center. My students have made the mistake of thinking that what they were using was the internet. When I told them it wasn’t the Internet, they didn’t believe me. The system is so intuitive that you really don’t notice that you’re not really on the Internet. I remember when I first got on the system, I found the MIT pages and they offered all of their courses through the eGranary and I thought to myself, ‘This is awesome! We need more of this!' - Matthew Vileta, inmate at Iowa Medical and Classification Center at Oakdale

WiderNet - What is COEP?

The Corrections Off-line Education Platform (COEP) is an off-line digital information and education platform that will serve adults and juveniles in treatment and detention centers and other institutions that lack adequate Internet access. COEP represents the collective efforts of hundreds of authors, publishers, programmers, librarians, instructors and students around the globe. More than 1,200+ authors and publishers have already granted permission to distribute their work, including: Intel, Wikipedia, the Gutenberg Project, MIT’s OpenCourseware just to name a few.  

Since 2007, the WiderNet Project has placed COEPs using the eGranary Digital Library in prisons across the demonstrate the potential of off-line libraries to provide educational opportunities such as life skills and marketable job skills. Using feedback from educators and inmate surveys in a variety of low-bandwidth settings, COEP also includes prison centered packages with best-of-class materials that have been developed with an emphasis on tutorials, certifications, computer-based job search training, Web design, GED, ESL and life-skill building with customized interfaces making it easier for educators and inmates to locate the right materials. 

How Do We Do This?

Over the years, WiderNet  has developed the eGranary Digital Library, now installed in over 2,000 locations in the developing world. The eGranary delivers millions of Internet resources to institutions lacking adequate Internet access through a process of copying Web sites – with permission – and delivering them to intranet Web servers inside partner institutions. This digital library can provide thousands of individuals with instant access to educational materials over local area networks (LANs).This platform will provide a low-cost way to deliver millions of educational resources and the tools for creating new, local content. 


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