WiderNet Installs 700th eGranary

By Carolyn Turney

The WiderNet Project recently sold its 700th eGranary Digital Library. The libraries, which contain over 32 million resources, have been delivered to communities and institutions in over 40 countries across the developing world.  The lucky #700 was purchased by the non-profit organization TechAide in Ghana.

TechAide learned of WiderNet’s product through their partnership with U.S. based Winrock International. Winrock was using an eGranary as part of a literacy program to address the education and information needs of youth in a rural community in Western Ghana.

“Our work in the educational sector involves improving the quality of education by deploying appropriate technologies to bridge the digital divide between the rural and urban educational facilities in Ghana,” said Joyce Poku-Marboah, TechAide Business Development Manager. “Providing internet access and developing information search skills was a challenge in most communities. The access and effective usage of the eGranary came in handy as it provides a myriad of educational resources perfect for teaching and learning these skills. “

TechAide continues to work with USAID and several Non-governmental Organization (NGO) partners in Ghana to implement eGranaries in community centers for educational programming. Prior to deploying the eGranary, the organization relied on basic interactive applications for learning Mathematics, English Science and Introduction to Computers. “But the benefit of the eGranary is enormous and is incomparable with those.  The content is well structured and provides access in varied multimedia – audio, video, text, etc. It allows teachers to have invaluably easy access to educational content which in turn affords them more time to teach the students.”

The WiderNet Project does not do a lot of advertising, mostly depending on word of mouth to grow. "The adoption of this off-line digital library is taking off," says Cliff Missen, director of the WiderNet Project. "This year more than half of our new installations were by people who had already installed an eGranary elsewhere." 

WiderNet is proud to contribute to the advancements gained by TechAide in the field of education and the sheer increase in opportunities afforded to Ghana’s rural and underserved communities due to their efforts. To learn more about their projects and impact, please visit www.techaide.net.