Nigerian Defense Academy Installs eGranary Servers

WiderNet Field Associate Jennifer Iveren Abagyeh recently contracted with Colonel Muktar Bunza of the Nigerian Defence Academy in Kaduna to install two eGranary servers and provide five years of training and support.

The Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA), in essence the “West Point of Nigeria,” is the only Military University in Nigeria and has graduated over 18,000 Nigerian cadets and nearly 500 cadets from other African countries since they opened In 1964.

The academy devotes two out of the three years of its officer training solely to academic studies.  The eGranary Digital Library will be a resource to further the academic training of the officer cadets

In May, WiderNet director Cliff Missen traveled to the academy to oversee the installation of the servers and he and Jennifer began training the librarians and instructors.

Colonel Bunza holds a Master of Library and Information Science degree from the University of Ibadan and is a Member of the Nigerian Library Association.  As the college librarian for the academy, he realized the value of having access to the wealth of resources available on the eGranary Digital Library – all without the necessity of an internet connection.

One of the most exciting aspects of the project for Jennifer is getting those involved trained to use the library, build local content and course material and to further explore possibilities the eGranary can provide.

 National Defence Academy

Jennifer has been a Field Associate with WiderNet since 2008 and finds the work exciting.  With a diploma in Computer Science from the University of Jos, and experience working with the University of Jos as a Network Technician and CCNA instructor for three and a half years, she is well qualified to install the libraries and to train librarians and instructors to navigate and utilize the libraries.

She loves to travel and working with WiderNet has given her the opportunity to go to the many nooks and crannies of Nigeria.  Every site that she visits to install an eGranary is a new experience.

Jennifer is excited to see how far the news about the eGranary digital library and its uses has traveled in Nigeria. More and more institutions are beginning to understand the value. The Gusau institute is an interesting case study. Jennifer was particularly impressed with how they share their server with the networking institute and environs. They have a lot planned along the areas of bringing scholars (who are already using their resources) together to discuss the relevance, authenticity of the egranary resources and being able to cite references in their scholarly work and I am working closely with them to achieve that.

WiderNet is grateful to Jennifer and all our Field Associates for helping us to spread the seeds of knowledge via the eGranary Digital Library!