The eGranary Pocket Library Initiative

In March of this year, WiderNet launched an IndieGoGo crowd funding campaign to help fund our newest innovation: the eGranary Pocket Library Project.  

We’re shrinking down the eGranary to create chip-sized libraries for specific populations.

After creating the Ebola Pocket Library last year, we realized the potential application of the "library on a chip" concept could exponentially increase our reach.  We've also learned over the years that specialized collections are welcomed by educators and students.  

While most people in developing countries lack access to the Internet, many have access to smartphones, tablets, and laptops.  We’ll take advantage of these existing platforms by providing community-centric educational resources that can be easily distributed and shared.

We're partnering with several organizations to create specialized collections, including the UAB Sparkman Center for Global Health.

Our IndieGoGo campaign was a complex project that we never could have done without the contributions of our talented volunteers. 

We had expert project management consultation from Raymond Conroy, who created a professional project plan and helped keep us all on track. 

One of our board members, Richard Chady, a seasoned journalist and public relations expert, was instrumental in promoting WiderNet and our Pocket Library project.

Our campaign also got a big boost from Mandie Sellars, a gifted graphic designer who created fantastic images for our campaign. 

All of us at the WiderNet Project extend our sincere thanks to the generous contribution of their combined talents to help make our project a success.

To see all the details about our latest initiative, including a short video from WiderNet Director Cliff Missen, or to make a donation, please click here: