Meet The Contributors of the New 2014 eGranary!


The newest version of the eGranary Digital Library will be released this month. WiderNet would like to thank the contributors of the digital library who dedicated so much of their time updating and adding new and exciting content, troubleshooting issues and spreading the word about the eGranary Digital Library. 

Cliff Missen, MA

Director, WiderNet Project
Clinical Associate Professor in School Information & Library Science, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

In addition to supervising staff and volunteers, Cliff travels to conferences worldwide to promote the eGranary Digital Library, raise funds for the organization and secure partnership. Cliff has over 25 years professional experience in computers, networking, multimedia design, and applications development. At the WiderNet Project, he combines this with his long-term interest in international development. His first visit to Africa was with a medical team in 1982, and he continues to teach and promote appropriate water well drilling technology through the U.S. non–profit organization Wellspring Africa

Heather Erwin, JD: Prison Coordinator

Heather Erwin coordinates the Correctional Offline Education Platform at WiderNet. She travels to conferences and speaks with prison system administrators, educators and librarians to promote the eGranary Digital Library as an educational tool for use in prison systems. Heather is a University of Iowa College of Law graduate and has worked with indigent, incarcerated and at-risk populations in the U.S. for Texas Impact, a faith-based lobbying organization, and StandDown Texas, a death penalty moratorium project, both in Austin, TX. While interning at the King County D.A.'s Office in Brooklyn, NY, she assisted in the implementation of the ground-breaking DETAP alternative sentencing, drug treatment program for non-violent offenders incarcerated in the state of New York. 

Meet the Librarians

Librarians identify great resources to add to the eGranary collection and seek out permissions to duplicate these resources on the eGranary product. They also catalog and organize materials by subject, troubleshoot content, manage workflow of adding and updating content and supervise volunteers.


Sherry Lochhaas BA, MLIS: Chief Digital Librarian

Sherry received her BA in Philosophy & Religion from Truman State University in 2009. She graduated from the University of Iowa with her Master's degree in Library and Information Science in 2011. Sherry worked remotely for The WiderNet Project in Ulm, Germany for a year, and now works remotely from Berkeley, California. She's been with WiderNet since December 2009.


Joan Ferguson, MLS: Digital Librarian

Joan received her BA in English and Art History from Mount Holyoke College, and has been working in libraries as a cataloger since receiving her MLS from Simmons College in 1990.. Currently, she works as the cataloger for the Durham County Library system part-time and spends the rest of her work week at WiderNet in Chapel Hill. When she's not cataloging things, she loves to knit and plan her next travel adventure.


Volunteer digital librarians work to obtain permissions to add new content to the eGranary Digital Library, catalog resources, and work on portals.

Angela dePrairie, MA

Angela focuses primarly on resources and materials related to gender and development, and information and communication technology.

Kevin Fox

Kevin focuses on adding ebooks to eGranary as well as content in Spanish and resources for teaching & learning English.

Michelle Johnson

Michelle focuses on expanding the poverty and international development portal.

Erin Shelnut

Erin works on materials related to science, primarily chemistry. 

Laura Ashcraft

Laura Ashcraft works for a semester to expand resources in the religious studies portal. She is now working on a journal database project for the WiderNet website.

Mandy Peacock

Mandy Peacock works to organize the gerontology portal.

Meet the Programmers, Technicians, and Engineers 

Jay Clelland: Lead Programmer 

Jay has been a programmer for The WiderNet Project since 2009 and is currently the lead programmer. He studied Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics at The University of Iowa.

Billy  Gagon: Technician

Billy graduated from James Madison University in 2011 with a B.S. in computer science and mathematics minor. In his free time, he enjoys bowling, playing video games, and watching football. He hopes to one day leave the east coast and possibly further his education.

Mitali  Lebeck: Volunteer Programmer

Mitali is a volunteer database programmer at WiderNet. She received her BS and MS in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin in Madison. Mitali has worked at the University of Wisconsin and at Duke University. She has volunteered with the Chapel Hill City Schools and with Caring House in Durham, NC.

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