Can I contribute my resources to the eGranary for a limited amount of time?

For example, one year?

We struggle with the idea of including a resource in the eGranary for a limited amount of time, as in granting us a year's usage, because we simply do not have a way to "recall" our eGranaries after they have been distributed. While we are working on a mechanism to update eGranaries in the field, not all of our subscribers will use this mechanism, so we cannot assure contributors that we can honor a year's subscription. The eGranary Digital Library is installed at hundreds of institutions in Africa, Asia and elsewhere. Some of these have a modicum of Internet access and might be able to update their eGranary on occasion, if they choose. Most others have no Internet access and may only update their eGranaries by sending them back to WiderNet, if at all. The best we can do is to agree to DISTRIBUTE your resources site for a set amount of time and stop distributing your resources when you ask. However, we must keep in mind that a decade from now there may still be older copies in use around the developing world.