What exactly is on the eGranary Digital Library?

Can you provide a list of all the contents in the eGranary?

The short answer is no. It's not really possible for us to provide a full list of the 30 million or more documents available on the eGranary -- especially since we've only catalogued about 10 million. For a summary of the content we have permission for, please see our What's Inside page. This list contains highlights of resources available in the eGranary. If you'd like to know if anything specific is on the eGranary, like a certain Web site, software or materials on a certain topic and cannot find what you're looking for, please email librarian@widernet.org with specific information. Please limit your requests to a list of five or so.

You can also email clerk@widernet.org and request instructions for accessing our demo eGranary. The demo is a drive containing the entire eGranary that's hosted on our servers. It will not only allow you access to the content as it appears on the eGranary, but also to the interface that the eGranary uses to organize the content. It gives you a good idea of the overall look and feel of the eGranary. However, because you're accessing the demo via an Internet connection, the speed will only be as fast as your Internet. Having an actual eGranary on your local Intranet will be much faster.