Is there a warranty? If so, how long?

We don’t have a warranty per say. The hard drive itself has a minimum life expectancy of five years. If you get it and the drive goes bad early, we’ll work with you on technical support and if that doesn’t work, recommend that you return it (eGranary drive only, not an entire server, if that’s what you choose to order) and we’ll either repair or replace it and send it back. Your only charge would be the cost to send it to us. However, if the eGranary library has grown to a larger hard drive size and it’s been more than one year since you purchase it, the most we can do is try to repair it and recommend purchasing a new one if we’re unsuccessful. If it’s been more than five years, but we’re still using the same hard drive size, we’ll still recommend purchasing a new one. That is if the drive really goes bad, though. Most of our subscribers prefer to use it until it the drive fails and is irreparable. There is only a small number who choose to buy a new one every five years or so anyway.