How fast can you get the eGranary to me?

How long does it take to create and ship an eGranary?

This depends on the type of eGranary you purchase. We make every effort to get orders out in a timely manner and strive to have a supply of external and internal eGranaries as well as up to three eGranary servers ready to ship within a day (or two in the case of servers). However, we are a small organization with a small staff so a large order or a large quantity of orders (be it yours or the one(s) before it) can easily create delays. We don't have a large enough staff to drop everything for one order – and it isn't fair to other customers.

Delays can also be caused by waiting for parts to come in, updates to the eGranary version, staff changes or student schedules, holidays, weather, etc. This means it can take one to two weeks or longer before the order is ready to ship, and then 1-20 days to arrive at the destination – all after payment and License Agremeent are received. You should assume a minimum ONE week for all international shipments not including customs delays. Once an order is shipped, we are NOT responsible for any delays.

We value our customer service, but you have to help us help you. Some ideas to minimize the time spent processing your order:

  • Know what you want ahead of time or contact us sooner to discuss your options.
  • Have your payment and shipping information ready.
  • Complete the License Agreements as soon as possible - this is required before an eGranary can be shipped. It's available online here or you can contact for a PDF that can be printed, completed and returned to WiderNet via email, fax, or postal mail.
  • Start your order sooner rather than later -- If you have a deadline, please let us know at the very beginning.
  • 'ASAP', 'right away', and similar phrases are not specific enough for us to understand and serve you; therefore we have no option, but to ignore it.
  • Remember that once an order is shipped, we are NOT responsible for any delays. Allow some time for shipping, customs and other potential delays.
  • Start your order sooner rather than later. We cannot stress this enough. If you wait until the week before you want your eGranary, we're NOT likely to meet your deadline. As the saying goes, lack of planning on your part does not mean an emergency on our part.

You can request a quote months before you want the eGranary – we're happy to help you so that when you are ready, you already know what you want, the cost, how to pay, etc. A quote is good for 30 days – after that you can contact at which time we will either renew your quote for an additional 30 days or provide you a new one.

One last note on deadlines: please consider the time it takes to set up the eGranary after you receive it. Depending on your order, your technology experience in general, your eGranary experience in particular, and the other computer equipment you have, it could take anywhere from a few minutes to a few days to set up. In the case of servers, there is also the time required to network your computers. Please allow for delays in both shipping and installation.

Thank you very much.