Do you accept purchase orders?

Normally we only accept purchase orders from reputable US-based organizations. This is because legally we have little to no recourse if the customer decides not to fulfill their end of the purchase order unless they're US-based as well. The organization named on the purchase order does not have to be the organization receiving the eGranary, but the delivery information of the order should be noted so it's obvious that both parties agree about where the order is going.

All purchase orders must be payable in US dollars. All purchase orders are due 30 days after the ship date as confirmed by the third party shipper (FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc.) unless a prior agreement is reached between WiderNet and the customer. We do NOT accept purchase orders from individuals and reserve the right to refuse purchase orders for any reason without explanation. Customers should confirm we are willing to accept a purchase order prior to sending one as we are not bound to fulfill any purchase orders sent to us.