Can you provide updates to the eGranary?

For updates to the eGranary software, subscribers are welcome to check our eGranary Software Versions page. There are instructions at the top for finding out the current version of eGranary software PIE and then there are instructions for each ZIP update available from the Upgrade Notes link of the same number. If you have any questions about this, please contact 

For updates to the eGranary content... In the past we have tried to devise ways to update eGranaries already deployed via mailed discs or short-term Internet connections, but none of these have proven feasible either economically or technologically (e.g. it takes a lot to make an eGranary including specialized equipment, etc. and so far we haven't been successful in making it possible to replicate in the field without the extra equipment and training). To that end, we currently recommend that subscribers expect to replace their eGranary every three to five years. This is a normal lifespan for an internal or external hard drive on the market today anyway. For those purchasing servers, they would need only to replace the internal hard drive(s), not the rest of the server.