How much does shipping cost? Does it include customs? Who pays these?

How much does shipping cost? Does it include customs?
Shipping is NOT included in the cost of the eGranary, because shipping varies widely by location. WiderNet provides a shipping estimate individually with quote requests. We default to the cheapest shipping possible, which usually means the slowest method, but you're welcome to ask for different options to compare. The shipping estimate does NOT include the cost of customs...

Are there any export or import duties or fees? Who pays these?
Very often, yes, there will be import duties or fees the recipient is charged by the shipping company or their country's customs agency. If the order is large, you can almost guarantee a fee. The recipient, NOT WiderNet, is responsible for these and for any delivery delays associated with such fees. We cannot provide an estimate on how much this may be, as the shipping carriers don't provide this to us. For more information on shipping services, see here.

While the shipping carrier sometimes notifies us that packages are being held for duties and taxes, you are responsible for arranging payment so don't rely on us to take care of this – the fee is not going to WiderNet or the shipping carrier and we have NO sway with your country's customs and import agencies. That said, we welcome any advice toward legal methods for limiting or avoiding such fees and for expediting this process, so if you have an account number with the shipper that you'd like the fees billed to or if you have any alternative address or agreement with your country's customs, feel free to give us any instructions or details necessary to make use of this. The bottom line is that, yes, you should assume there will be a fee and that you need to take care of it.

Note: We have noticed that some countries do not charge customs fees for educational materials. The eGranary is an educational material. Upon request, we can provide a letter explaining this that you can provide to your customs authority before or when they contact you to arrange customs payment in an effort to waive the duties and taxes. Since there are 250+ out there and laws change every day, we cannot assist with how to go about this. Our only recommendation is to contact your local FedEx, DHL, or UPS and ask for advice.