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There are many ways to volunteer at WiderNet. You can also just say you're not sure.
Depending on your skills, interests and availability, this could include data entry, database development, digital library content development, field training, hosting international visitors, mentoring and/or coaching international colleagues, packing cargo containers, programming, promoting the eGranary, public relations, systems management, technician training, testing and preparing donated equipment, volunteer coordination, Web design, and more. For more information on current opportunities, click here.
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Note: If you have no background in your area of interest, feel free to tell us why you're interested and what skills you hope to gain through volunteering at WiderNet.

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Note: please consider your schedule carefully. Realistically, how many hours per week do you think you're available? If you're a student, it's recommended to volunteer or work no more than 20 hours. There are certain tasks that require more time each week than others. There are also positions that require a long-term commitment, because of the training involved. You can add more details about your availability above.
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