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WiderNet Hall of Fame

Honoring those who have supported the work of the WiderNet Project over the years.

Inaugural Members:
Janice and Herb Wilson

The WiderNet Board of Directors expresses its profound thanks to Herb and Janice Wilson of Iowa City, IA.

Their generous support of WiderNet has made it possible for our small nonprofit to grow and promote education in underserved areas of the world. With their support, WiderNet has accomplished breakthoughs like the Ebola Pocket Library and expanded our Field Associates training programs in Africa.

Herb shares:

"We were privileged to be introduced to Cliff and his eGranary early in the endeavor, while at the University of Iowa.

His passion to make a difference was catching, and we wanted to be a part of providing the internet in a box for undeveloped areas in Africa, and what a rewarding experience that was for Janice and me and our family.
We were most impressed to be making retired-outdated computers into viable computers directed to specific users in far-away places. What a joy!

The support that this mission has received at the University of North Carolina is most gratifying and we are thankful for their backing.

Our investment in this operation has provided a return that was beyond our expectation then and now. “Like a lot of things, the more you put into it the more you receive from it.”

What Cliff and his personnel can do with limited resources is phenomenal. We encourage anyone who wants to make a difference in this world to consider making a financial gift to Cliff and his staff.

God Bless you and your mission Cliff!"