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Internship Opportunities

If you’re interested in ICT systems and/or international development we can offer internship opportunities aimed to provide you with the hands-on professional experience that is much needed in today’s job market. Academic credit is available through the University of Iowa, and some of the positions are also monetarily compensated. Internships at The WiderNet Project are competitive. Usually offered by school Term and tailored to the needs of WiderNet and the student. Applicants will be interviewed and selected on a competitive basis. You can register your internship the Pomerantz Career Center so that you internship will appear on your official U of Iowa transcript. Some internships are monetarily compensated.

Information and Communication Technology

  • Web and E-mail Server Technician
    Assist with maintenance and development of internal Web servers and email server. Also, may include assisting African technicians, through digital communication, with troubleshooting their own Web servers.
  • Knowledge Base Developer
    Assist in the organization and further development of a documentation base of in-house technical and administrative work. Will require the technical expertise to develop step-by-step instructions of technical hardware and software installation and troubleshooting.
  • ICT Technician/Liaison
    Work directly, through digital communication, with African university administrative and technical support staff to develop applications. This position will serve as a liaison to assist the African participants in identifying and establishing applicable uses of technology within their universities. They will work with trainee participants to integrate the skills gained from numerous online tutorials to address their actual tasks and practices.
  • Educational Training Material Developer
    Assist with the updating, upgrading, and development of training materials for multiple projects within the WiderNet Project. Includes construction of CD-ROMs, digital library hard drives, and development of satellite radio technology. Additionally, this position will assist in obtaining donations of training materials for African technical support staff.

Public Relations

  • Staff Writer
    Assist in public relations efforts with news sources, donor organizations, volunteers, and internal communications. Help with the writing of press releases, newsletter articles, letters and email from the WiderNet Project.
  • Graphic Design
    Assist in development of digital graphics, photos, videos, and images for the WiderNet Project's Web site as well as for our numerous general publications.
  • Web Design
    Assist in updating and streamlining the WiderNet Project's Web pages and design the Web site.

Digital Library Research

  • Resource Acquisition
    Research a variety of educational and professional web sites for the creation and building of a digital library for use by students, academics, administrators, and professionals in African universities. Assist in contacting and requesting permission of websites and organizations to reproduce and republish their Web site and its contents for use on our digital libraries. Collect and store communications and granted permissions on a database.
  • Collection Management
    Assist African counterparts in developing theme collections for classroom instruction and research. Will involve locating relevant materials, securing permissions, developing curriculum that utilizes the resources, and working with counterparts to integrate the materials into their teaching and research.

Academic Credit Possibilities

  • Academic Credit Hours
    You may have the opportunity to receive academic credit for your internship work done at the WiderNet Project. To do so you must contact the UI Career Center, with whom we have registered our internship opportunities. Secondly, you must talk with the academic department through which you wish to receive the credit hours. They make the final determination of whether they will offer you the credit hours.
  • Academic Transcript Recognition
    Additionally, you may also have the opportunity to document your internship experience officially on your UI academic transcript.

Process is as follows:

  1. Student contacts the WiderNet Project and both parties agree that he/she will work at least 10 hours/week (80% of which must be professional work) under a professional supervisor.
  2. The student brings the agreement and job description into the UI Career Center which organizes for the internship to be officially recognized.
  3. Student must make arrangements with their respective department head regarding credit.

If you are interested in a position or have any questions, please feel free to contact us at or 919-240-4622 or apply by completing an applicationFor volunteer positions and Internships email